White Widow Cannabis Pin

White Widow Cannabis Enamel Pin

Show off your favorite cannabis strain with the White Widow Soft Enamel Pin. Guaranteed to impress all your smoking buddies! Budtender? Just looking to spruce up your bag/hat? No matter the situation this pin is a great conversational piece and an awesome way to represent your favorite weed strain.


1.5 Inches Wide x 1.5 Inches Tall

About the Design:

Black widows are local spiders for me so I do have experience with them. So I took the standard black widow spider and turned it white....groundbreaking I know haha. I then added a cannabis leaves to the back of all the spiders, essentially this pin is a spider nest of 'White Widows'. The text was tough to get just right, I wanted a spider in the place of the 'o' and as always the cannabis leaves were left till the end to make sure they got incorporated well.