Chemdawg Cannabis Pin

Strain Pin: Chemdawg

Show off your favorite cannabis strain with the Chemdawg Soft Enamel Pin. Guaranteed to impress all your smoking buddies! Budtender? Just looking to spruce up your bag/hat? No matter the situation this pin is a great conversational piece and an awesome way to represent your favorite weed strain.


1 Inch Wide x 1.5 Inches Tall

About the Design:

I wanted a chemical look to this pin, I loved the way our Durban Poison design was and wanted to make another design in the similar vain. I took a skull and added some smoke coming from the top, I also wanted to make sure the font on this design was a focal point so I played with the look of it till it got to the point where it was to my liking (again going for a chemical type look) and garnished it all with more cannabis leaves.