12 Sticker Pack – Cannabis Strain Stickers


A Sticker pack of 12 featuring our strain designs. Show off to friends, label your stash, or gift them! Great for a variety of things and is the ultimate way to rep your favorite cannabis strain.

Strains included in this 12 piece sticker pack:

Sour Diesel Sticker
Blue Dream Sticker
Alaskan Thunder Fuck Sticker
Gorilla Glue Sticker
Purple Punch Sticker
Green Crack Sticker
Chernobyl Strain Sticker
Durban Poison Sticker
White Widow Sticker
Northern Lights Sticker
9 Pound Hammer Sticker
Platinum Yeti Sticker

All Stickers are at least 2 inches by 2 inches.

If you would like different stickers or a variety of the same please leave me a note or message me after you’ve purchased!

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