Most popular cannabis strains

June 08, 2020

With my business I've had to research the most popular cannabis strains on more than one occasion. This list is gathered through my experience of researching and determining which strains people find the most popular and where they rank amongst the plethora of cannabis strains that are available. Though subjective this list will give you a general since on where to start when looking for a strain that can do you no wrong.


Blue Dream

Northern Lights

Gorilla Glue (aka GG2)

Durban Poison

Green Crack

Purple Punch

White Widow

9 Pound Hammer (aka 9LB Hammer)

Sour Diesel

Granddaddy Purple

This list of popular cannabis strains is just that, a list and like most lists it is subjective as stated above. These are just a number of strains and while there are many more this is a great start for those looking for a broad list that includes some of the more famous weed strains. I would love to you hear what you think and if you have some that I missed that you feel should be included please let me know!